Frontline Plus for Dogs

If you are a dog lover, you don’t wanna see your best-friend has itching and scratching all the time. It is time to get rid of Fleas and Ticks from your dog. With Frontline Plus for Dog , all problem related to fleas and ticks will be gone and your happy furry friend will come back again! Flea and tick are one type of tiny parasite and can be found anywhere in the world. They suck blood from animals and human to living. Many diseases can be transfer from one host to the others, one of the disease known as tapeworm larvae. Checking your dog for fleas has to do rapidly by checking dog’s comb or brush between regular grooming time. If you are suspect a problem, then deeply checking the skin and hair coat to identify red bumps  or pimples on your dog. Many veterinarian suggest to use frontline plus product to prevent tick and fleas and bring a happiness to your lovely dog.

Fleas and Ticks KillingFrontline plus for dog

protecting your dog  from fleas and ticks is necessary for their health and happiness. The easy action you can do is to treat your dog with frontline dog all year around. FRONTLINE PLUS has two active incredients, fipronil nad S-methoprene, to destroy the flea life cycle at every stage. Fipronil is used to kills the developed fleas on the dog skin whereas the other ingredient, S-methoprene, is used to kills flea when it is on egg stage and also to prevent pupal and larval growth.

Frontline Plus for dog in detail

Frontline plus comes with individual tubes in various sized boxes. The package has two sizes; a 3-pack and a 6-pack. Also a free dose is offered when buy a 6-pack from vet. The product has 4 doses depend on dog’s size; small (0-22 pounds), medium (23-44 pounds), large (45-88 pounds), and extra (89-132 pounds). In action, it works best when apply the product all over and use more than one area. Apply frontline plus dose 4-5 spots in the middle and lower part of the back for more effective.

Advantage of Frontline Plus

Rain and even bathing are not decrease its effectiveness. The power of the frontline plus that i have witnessed is after applied the dose, All of the fleas appeared to fall off and die within 18 hours and i could find any live fleas on my dog. Also, the product is safe for dog and even puppy than other products on the market. the product is designed to absorbed into dog’s hair follicles which mean no chemicals left over on the surface so it is safe when handled by human and dog can be touch after apply the product.

Safely Rid Your Dog and Home of Fleas

The first thing to get ridding of fleas is to wash everything in hot water and vacuum all the floor and carpet to eliminate fleas and flea’s eggs. After that, bathing your dog with essential oil bath and a few drops of tea tree or lavender to eliminate fleas. To repellent fleas, use lemon juice for this purpose because fleas don’t like lemon juice. spray the pet with hot water and lemon slice all over the body especially back of their ears. These are some natural ways you can use to control fleas and ticks without Frontline Plus for dog.

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